Ez Battery Reconditioning™

by Tom Ericson

Ez Battery Reconditioning is a digital product that teaches you how to recondition old batteries back to life. The easy step-by-step explanation is suitable for everyone even though you have no experience with electricity. This eBook is currently on sale for $37 (one-time payment)

Ez Battery Reconditioning Book Review - Should You Buy It?

If your car runs with an old battery, it can cost you a lot of money if your car suddenly breaks down.  According to most car service center, car batteries should be replaced every 2 years, even if it is a bit costly item, otherwise, it can increase your risk of being stranded due to break downs, which no one would wish to happen. You sure can save a lot of money for yourself if you can reduce the risk of being stranded by finding a way to increase the life of your battery. For this reason, the EZ Battery Reconditioning Program has been introduced. Your car will be able to double the life of its battery and save you a lot of money by following the methods discussed here under.

Introduction to The Ez Battery Reconditioning Program

The method discussed in this program may take you only 10-20 minutes to renew the life of your existing battery. You can test the condition of your battery, renew the life of poorly performing batteries as well as double the life of the batteries used in medical devices, cars or golf carts just by using a few simple tools like multi-meter etc. This method developed by Tom Ericson has helped keep thousands of cars and other devices running and kept their battery pollutants out of the landfill.

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Let’s Dive In To The Details

Many devices including cars and golf carts need lead-acid cell or wet cell batteries to perform. In other words, these batteries create electricity when a plate of lead is dipped into sulfuric acid. With time the voltage and performance of these batteries decrease because of damage to the lead plates due to the natural process of corrosion. Many people consider their battery as dead and try to replace it due to this decreased voltage. But replacing the existing battery with a new one can be a costly and painful attempt for a car owner.

The Ez Battery Reconditioning Method

Steps discussed in this program to revive your battery are very common and easy to follow. To begin with, first you must protect your eyes and hands by wearing goggles and gloves to ensure to that you are working in a dry and safe environment. Now you have to disconnect all the points attached to the battery and remove it from the device.

Now to start reconditioning the battery you should start with cleaning terminals on it. Residues are built-up on the negative and positive terminals of the battery while using it for several years. So they have to be cleaned with an abrasive brush or steel wool to make them a good point to connect. You can get inconsistent or low voltage without contacting with good points which decreases the power of battery to start as well as run your car.

Your next step will be to use a hydrometer and a multimeter or voltmeter to measure the potential of the battery. The density of liquid in the battery can be measured with hydrometer. The density of the fluid in your lead-acid battery has to be measured to ensure proper performance of the cell. To check the voltage of the battery a multimeter is used. By checking the voltage of the battery you can ensure that it will perform correctly. Both hydrometer and multi-meter are low-cost devices that you can buy form offline as well as online stores.

In this way, in first step you check the terminals of the battery to ensure the consistent supply of power by your battery. In the second step you check the level of electrolyte in each cell and the level of performance of each cell with the help of a hydrometer. At this stage, it is also important to check every cell individually to find any problem in them like cracking or bulging, etc. This program will guide you on what to check in your battery cells. However, while checking the cells you must ensure your safety by wearing goggles and gloves.

To fully understand the Ez Battery Reconditioning program properly, you should know that the alternator in your car may not recharge your car battery fully as charged by the battery reconditioned through this method. It may not have adequate voltage to undo the sulfation on the lead plates in the cells of your battery. Sulfation is the material built-up on the lead plates with time due to the chemical reaction between these plates and sulfuric used in the battery. This can decrease the potential of the battery to generate the required level of electricity.

 How To Remove Sulfation In The Cells Of Lead-Acid Batteries?

There are various methods you can use to remove sulfation from the lead plates in the battery cells.

In this eBook every method is discussed in detail with their safety concerns, benefits and drawbacks. So they can be used safely by those who are afraid of doing such tasks. If you want more information about the things happening in the battery then you go through this eBook.

What if You Don’t Know Much About Electricity?

If you do not know much about electricity even then you can recondition your battery successfully by following the step-wise methods to test the potential of your battery and rejuvenating it discussed in this eBook. You can easily learn the use of electrical applications in minimum time with the help of quick and easy to follow design of this eBook. In this way, now common people can use the methods that were restricted to be used by the experienced and knowledgeable electricians.

Why Isn’t This Program More Popular?

Honestly speaking, certain special communities using various types of batteries are popularly using this method. Most of them have saved lots of money by using the battery reconditioning methods discussed in this eBook though some of them failed to recondition some batteries. For example the users of solar panels normally use 10-15 batteries each costing nearly $300. They will have to spend thousands of dollars if they have to replace their batteries after 5 years. But they can save a lot of money as well as time by reconditioning their batteries to their original condition and reusing them again in their system.

But the methods discussed in this eBook have not been used by the consumers as the inner working of the battery or car can be frightening for them. For this reason, Tom Ericson has divided the concepts of reconditioning the batteries in his eBook so that everyone can understand them easily.

Now consumers can recondition their batteries without depending upon the specialists in auto repair. They can find out and fix the problems in their batteries successfully by using this eBook. You can tell about the value of knowledge provide in this eBook after visiting a dealership or repair shop.

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My Personal Opinion

This eBook is a MUST READ by those who want to save money from changing new batteries used in their golf-cart, medical devices or cars. This battery reconditioning program can reduce the burden on your pocket as a battery can at least cost you $100. Not only you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars over the years, you will gain a special survival skill where you can use in emergency situations.


No, is the shortest and honest answer to this question. Many batteries can deteriorate with time to the extent that they can be recycled only as they cannot be used anymore. But you can increase the life of your batteries to their maximum level by using this program. The articles and videos posted by many people have shown that it is not a matter to laugh that batteries used for over 10 years have been revived again to their full potential.


Many people who have gone through this eBook have stated that this book has been written in a very simple and easy to understand manner. Layman terms are used to discuss methods so that one need not have a degree in electrical engineering to understand them. Thus you can save a lot simply by reading this eBook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With the EZ Battery Reconditioning™ program, you can recondition many different kinds of batteries.

Our program works incredibly well on lead-acid batteries like car, truck and other starter batteries for vehicles. It also works extremely well on other types of lead-acid batteries like golf cart batteries, marine batteries, solar batteries, forklift batteries, deep cycle batteries, wheelchair and scooter batteries, etc.

You can also recondition other types of batteries like power tool batteries. So if your expensive rechargeable drill battery is ever getting old, you can recondition it.

And yes, there are even simple methods you can use to boost and extend your old laptop, cell phone, AA, AAA, D, and C batteries!

Plus a whole lot more!

You can use our program no matter where you live in the world. We have happy customer from all over the world who have successfully used our methods to recondition their old batteries.

Right after you purchase our program today, you’ll get instant access to our whole program. You can then go through our step-by-step reconditioning guides on your computer, phone or tablet just minutes from right now. And you can begin reconditioning your batteries today if you want!

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You have LIFETIME access to all of the battery reconditioning guides (and bonuses). Your access to the guides and bonuses will never expire.

You can also download the guides to your computer, phone, or tablet (or print them) so you can access them even without internet.

Frank and I have been using our tested and proven methods for years now! Between the two of us, we’ve reconditioned hundreds, maybe thousands of batteries with these methods. In fact, Frank believes in our methods so much, he relies on them to recondition old batteries in his battery reconditioning business.

We also get emails from people, all over the world, nearly every day telling us how well our system worked for them! And how they were able to recondition their old batteries with great success!

Obviously, just getting our program won’t make your batteries come back to life magically! 😉 You’ll actually have to use the simple, step-by-step methods we show you in our program. But our methods do have an incredible success rate! And they’re probably a lot simpler than you think!

And this isn’t just talk because if our methods don’t work for you, you can use our 60 Day, 100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee and get a full no questions asked, refund.

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